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[Review] Best Affordable & Sturdy Trike - Kinderkraft

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

I had been looking for a trike for awhile, there are various styles in the market, from plastic to steel frame, simple to fancy, and of course, you get what you paid for! But this Aveo tricycle from KinderKraft is by far the best I've seen on the current market. Strong, well designed and reasonably priced, if you are looking at buy a tricycle for your little one, I highly recommend that you look at this brand! Scroll down for more details...

Kinderkraft Background

Kinderkraft is a polish based company that designs baby products such as prams, trikes and high chair and they manufacture all their products in Poland.

When I look at getting something for Andy I always check to see where it was manufactured.

I feel that when a company produces their products in the country they are based, it reflects how much the company cares for their products, helping to insure quality and standards that they set for themselves.

Honestly, before finding this trike I hadn't heard of the Kinderkraft brand, but i'm so glad that I found them!

I have full confidence in the quality of this trike, and if their Aveo tricycle is anything to go by I would be happy using their other baby products as well.

From 9 month to 5 year old

The Aveo trike is suitable from 9 month to 5 year old and comes in two different colours, Pink and Grey. It has three different settings, rear facing and forward facing for toddlers, and is easily transformed it into a normal trike suitable for older children.

Trike alone for older kids

Rear facing setting

Pink version

Sturdy Steel Base Frame

The body frame is made with steel, making it highly durable and give me peace of mind with the quality of its sturdiness. The whole seat, back and handlebar are well padded, comfortable to sit in. The handlebar to protect toddler can be opened through a click in the middle, so it's easy to put them on seat and they are safe and secure.

Non Puncture Wheel

I especially love its non-puncture wheels, they are rubber wheels with a foam filling, provide shock-absorbing performance and are equipped with two independent brakes. There is a button to lock & unlock the font wheel, letting them pedal freely (while you control the steering) . Andy is not quite tall enough to reach the paddles just yet, but the Flip-Down footrests are perfect to his little. As we are living in the countryside, the wheels performance is excellent on the rough and bumpy roads here, we have used it quite a lot and they still look new!

Parent's Handle

The parents handle bar is connected to the front wheel (with a detachable metal pipe) making it easy to steer and manoeuvre (Andy finds it hilarious to go round in circles). The bar has three different adjustment points to adapt to a height suitable for you and is well cushioned with a foam covering.

Well Padded Seat & Backing

The seat padding and back section are detachable. The padding is made with polyester, easy to clean, breathable, soft and comfortable to sit on for a long time, as well as the soft filling 3-point safety belts to ensure safety.


The back wheel can be folded under the main metal bar. The back seat, sun screen and parent's handle are easily detached helping to save some space. Though, it does take a bit more space than a folding push chair.

Initial Setting Up

Kinderkraft has made a video guide to help you assemble the trike, it is really clear and easy to follow, I was watching it whilst setting up and it didn't take long. The trike also comes with all the tools you need to get set up, which is really convenient.


I'm really pleased with this trike, and I'm sure Andy is as well. From the material used to the design and performance, it is excellent! So If you are looking for a durable & affordable tricycle that will last, this Aveo from Kinderkraft is a great option to look at.

KinderKraft website:

Aveo Trike:


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