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I am not your everyday city girl!

I was born in hong kong, living there growing up I studied hard and worked harder! All I wanted in life was to work for a large design agency, to be involved in engaging new projects, to challenge myself and to overcome those challenges.
At the age of 21, I co-founded a start up company that went on to be voted as the 3rd most promising startup company in asia and the world by the Economist!
The main aim and focus of my start up was empowering ethnic minority women, to give them the self confidence to move away from their cloistered, shut-in lives, and it worked! At its peak, we were helping several hundred women from ethnic backgrounds in hong kong to make a living wage, and with this new found confidence, they were socialising outside their comfort zones, they were intergrating! However, after two and a half years of success, although we followed every letter of the law, the chinese goverment forced us to stop, threatening us with heavy fines and imprisonment. We held on for as long as we could, but there is only so much two people can do. We started with nothing, received no funding, received no grants. Our own money, of what little we had spare, went into this.

It was worth every cent!

Around this time the Hong Kong's " Umbrella Movement  " was underway, with all the chaos and protesting in the streets, an old friend sent me an email out of concern, to see if I was safe.
We first started talking online years before any of this, I was a student looking for pen pals to improve my english and he was a free spirted globe trotter, looking to learn some chinese customs and culture before he set off backpacking around mainland China, alone.  After his journey around the mainland, we would occasionally talk a few times a year, but this time, it was different, from that one email our friendship was renewed. we talked increasingly, to the point where we would talk everyday. Our friendship came to its apex whilst he was journeying around northern Thailand, whilst looking for a flight to go back to Bangkok there was an advert for a cheap flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong!
He asked me if I would like to meet up, well actually his exact words were "I really want to go to Disneyland, but I'm scared of getting lost and I'll probably get lost at the front gates, come with me?"
Well, how could I resist?

A few days later we met in person, and this was the day that would change my life, forever.




  • Logo Design

  • Brand Identity

  • Communication Strategy

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  • Social Media Marketing

  • Digital Contents

  • Photography &

  • Graphics

  • Copy-writing


  • Website Design

  • Revamp

  • Administrative Work


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  • Corporate Videos

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