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The Cutest Kids Costumes for Chinese New Year - Tangzhuang

Chinese New Year is coming soon (officially begins on 5th February, 2019), this is my favourite festival and as a Chinese, I would like to share our traditions, like what we wear, do and eat during the festival with you.

I will talking about what we wear on Chinese New Years (CNY). I guess most of you have heard of/seen QiPao, and there is a common misconception that all women wear QiPao in Chinese New Year (well, at least my British husband did).

In fact, Qibao are now worn only during formal occasions like CNY TV show, weddings, parties, and beauty pageants. The qipao is also used as a uniform at restaurants and hotels and on airplanes in Asia. But, elements of traditional qipaos, like intense colors and embroidery, are now incorporated into everyday wear by design houses like Shanghai Tang. (altered content, source from thoughtco)

Those CNY Costumes you see in general (for boys & girls) are called Tangzhuang, which means Chinese clothes in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The modern one evolves from a kind of Manchu clothing. Because it was worn by leaders from different countries in APEC in 2001, it became famous. From then on, this new kind of clothing has been regarded as Chinese Tangzhuang and has enjoyed a great popularity among Chinese people and overseas.

The word “Tangzhuang” itself was originally created by overseas Chinese. Because of the high reputation of the Tang Dynasty, Chinese people are called “Tang People” by foreigners; thus the Chinese community abroad is called “Tang people’s Community” (namely Chinatown) and their costume is called “Tangzhuang”. This word became familiar among Chinese people after 2001. (source from travelchinaguide)

Red, is the iconic colour for Chinese New Year, and is the nation's favourite colour (golden as well), it's corresponding with fire, symbolize good fortune and joy. Red is found everywhere during Chinese New Year and celebrations occasions, from decorations to outfits. Chinese people believes that wearing red outfits, even underwear, will bring good luck for the whole year. And we believe that what we do in the first few days of the CNY will have great impact to our luck for the year, e.g. if you follow those "rules", you will have a good lucky year ahead. I will talk more about those "rules" in the next post.

That's why we all usually wear a red top or coat during CNY, in modern style for adults.

For kids, parents always like to dress them up in traditional costumes - Tangzhuang. As they look super adorable in those cute little costumes, as well as a bit of a fun time and most importantly, it makes them feel more involve in the festival, and it's a great time teaching them the Chinese traditional cultural and the meaning behind the festival.

There are different designs for boys and girls. There were traditionally made of silk and featured intricate embroidery. A tailor made costume can be really expensive. But with the modern technology and materials, they become affordable and still look very high quality.

The most common patterns would be dragon, flowers (Moutan peony, symbolizing wealthy and respectable) and Chinese characters like "

福" means bliss/good fortune. Mostly they are embroidered in golden colour with red background.

I had been searching a set for Andy for awhile, I found that there are hardy any (online) shop selling Chinese Costumes in UK. And those online shops from China not welling to ship to here. Luckily, I found Beibybamboo ( a few months ago and got this beautiful CNY outfit for him.

It's a online store based in America, selling kids, parents & kids matching outfits, Chinese traditional costumes and accessories. They ship worldwide and come in affordable price and high quality. The shop is owned by a very hard working mum, who is trying to run her own business while taking care of two kids in the day time. I love supporting small shop, especially it's run by all the hard working mums chasing their dream while doing their best as a mum.

I got a pair of matching hats for my little one from Beibybamboo too. They are cute, nice quality and come in different colours.

They also have personalised accessories for your little ones, like bracelets and necklaces. See more in here:

Gift ideas for your love one - personalised earrings and necklaces, view more:

And of course, for dad and boyfriend. Link in here:


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