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[Parenting Guide] Must Have Baby Items! Vol.1

All parents want to provide the best for their little ones but as a new parent, we lack some experience, And I am sure you have spent days and days searching online, reading review after review on a product before you decided to try it on your baby. Here I shortlisted 10 baby items (from newborn to 1 year) that I have been using on my baby ( some that I can't live without!).

1. Waterwipes

These are the only wet wipes I have used on Andy, since the day he was born. Some of the chemicals in wet wipes can be one of the reason that trigger rashes on your little one, that's where "Waterwipes" come in! They are 99.9% pure water with one drop of citric acid (for anti-septic purpose). It's the only wet wipe I can find on the market free from any potential irritants. They can also be used to brush babies gums and first teeth! Highly recommended!

2. MyLittlePiccolo

This Mediterranean inspired baby food is fantastic! I came across their Instagram page awhile back and have been a big fan ever since. There are loads of different flavors and blends to help introducing new food and texture to your little ones. From plain fruit, to veg/fruits mix, spaghetti bolognese, they are all made with fresh organic ingredients from Mediterranean countries. They are perfect for when you are busy or traveling. But most important of all, they are delicious! Just try one, you will be wishing they made adult sized versions!

Andy's favourite pouches are: pure mango, mango,kale& pear, kale,kiwi, peas & pear, sweet potato & beef rugu, Berry Bushes.

3. Slumbersac Sleeping Bag with Feet

This sleeping bag is perfect for an active baby during the cold winter months. Andy likes to pull himself up when he wakes up, I found that regular sleeping bags covering his feet would make him lose balance whilst he was trying to stand up, which is kind of dangerous as he might fall and bump his head. Slumbersac sleeping bag's are a quilted sleeping bag with a distinct feature, it's a sleeping suit! Your little one can move around freely whilst enjoying the warmth and comfort of a sleeping bag. The clever design also allows you to pop open the bottom half of the sleeping bag for a hassle free nappy change.

4. Nappies (Mamia & Pampers)

I use Aldi "Mamia" nappies during the day time and Pampers at night, as I've found they are slightly more absorbent. Most of the parents I know in UK only use Aldi nappies as they are 1/3 of the mainstream brands price whilst the quality is the same! They are great for day time, as I change regularly every 4 hours. And Pampers for at night that can last for 12hrs.

5. Kokoso Coconut, Oil & Shampoo, Hair Brush

I fell in love with this natural and gentle baby skincare brand from UK after the first use. We are using their all-in-one shampoo & body wash, hair brush and organic coconut oil. I tried olive and grape seed oil but neither made me happy as i found they would leave Andy slippy and oily, often staining his white clothes. That all changed when i found kokoso! This organic coconut oil comes in solid form, melts on your finger in seconds ( like magic ) and is easily absorbed by the skin. Their all-in-one shampoo & body wash is very gentle as well, not too dry and made with natural ingredient. They also have a beautiful little brush made with natural material thats nice and gentle on your babies hair. Definitely must have items for new parents.

6. Fairy Non-Bio Clothes Washing Liquid

My skin is very sensitive and can react immediately with itching followed by rashes, in worst cases hives. Washing powder is one of the main causes of this and I found this Fairy non-bio washing liquid is really gentle, make the clothes nice and soft, as well as leaving a pleasant smell. I use this specifically for mine and Andy's clothes and muslins.

7. Lillebaby Airflow Complete 6-in-1 Baby Carrier

This carrier was voted as the best carrier in 2017, which was one of deciding factors when I was looking to buy one. I am really happy that I went for this brand, this carrier is easy to put on, well designed with thoughtful features, made from durable material with lots of different colors and patterns and most importantly it can be used from birth to toddler!

(I will talk more about this in a separate post).

8. Munchkin Miracle 360° Trainer Cup

When Andy was 11 month old he already had his first 4 front teeth, and boy did he know how to use them! He would bite everything, so much so that he bit a chunk out of the silicone teat on his sippy cups, every time we changed the teat he would try his best to chew through it, we knew it was time to swap the cup! I found this trainer cup on Amazon, the design is so clever. This cup can let him drink like a big boy with no spilling water all over himself. The silicone valve on the top controls the water flow and can only me opened when sipped which helps strengthening mouth muscles and coordination.

9. Moccis ( shoes )

When Andy first tried shoes he would just pull them off, then we tried Moccis and well.. he couldn't! Now he goes everywhere with them, with no kicking or fussing!

In my opinion Moccis are probably one of the best first shoes your little one could have for taking their first steps. This innovative footwear combines traditional moccasin with socks, so they wont come off easily when your little one is walking ( or trying to take them off ). The sole is made from high quality leather giving good support and protection to your little ones feet, great for playing at nursery or in the garden.

10. Clippasafe Shampoo Shield

I got this from Amazon UK as Andy hated water being on his face while in the bath. You really don't want a struggle every bath time and this shampoo shield will save you so much trouble, blocking ALL water from going onto your little ones face and ears! leaving them to enjoy playing and splashing while you try your best to get food out their hair.

So thats my first top 10 must haves! I hope you enjoyed reading and find the information helpful as well as give you an idea of some things to prepare for your little one. I will shortlist some more items later!


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Imperial Rooms Official
Imperial Rooms Official
17 feb 2022

I didn't always use sleeping bags but did use them occasionally. They really are great if you have a baby that always kicks off the covers. Saves you worrying about them getting cold at night. I love the owl pattern, it's so cute!

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