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Flavor of My Hometown - Oct Degustabox Review

I received my October Degustabox last week. There are quite a lot of different drinks to try this month, along with two cereal (granola & shreddies), two dinner sauce (curry & beans).

Lift Instant Lemon Tea​ First, let's talk about the product of the month - Lift Instant Lemon Tea by Typhoon. This is my favourite item in ths box. I have not had lemon tea since I moved to Scotland, when I was in Hong Kong, lemon tea is always one of the drink I order when I eat out and it's a iconic local drink from Hong Kong as well. This Instant Lemon Tea reminded me the flavor of my hometown, which was very indulging to me. It is quite sweet, the tea flavor is not too strong ( it might be too weak if you are a strong tea lover), but the balance of sweetness and everything is just right for me. I have a cup of this everyday as a treat for myself.

Supermalt Ginger Beer

I was very happy to see ginger beer in the box, I used to drink quite often. I have never heard of this brand but I love that the spiciness, fiery and sweetness are in good balance, It gives a strong spiciness and fiery taste, which is my perfect definition of a good ginger beer,

KitKat Caramel Chocolate Bar

Who don't love KitKat?! This bar came with a caramel twist, which is different! I can't say it's better or not, but I prefer the original flavor than this (it's still good though).

Spoon Granola Berry Bomb

I am a cereal person, this granola gave me a quite healthy alternative. I quite like it's subtle taste as it doesn't have added sugar, not too sweet and not too fruity. The berry flavor is not overpowering. I quite like it.

Clipper Everyday Tea

It came with a tea towel and it's SO beautiful! I am using it on my table for decoration now :) I am not a strong tea person, so this Clipper everyday tea is just right for me, the blend is full of fragrance and it was enjoyable.

Get Fruity Moist Mixed Berry

To do a fair justice, to those who are dried fruits lovers, you will like it. But this is just not for me, I am sorry to say that, I stopped after having the first bite, the moist berry made it even worse. They are chewy and burst with fruity flavor, taste very natural and they are a healthy snack choice for sure.

Upbeat Fruit Drink (Blueberry&Raspberry and Summer Lemon)

Summer lemon is much better then Blueberry&Raspberry to be honest. The lemon is refreshing. These drink has no added sugar, but I can definitely taste the artificial sweetener which gave an unpleasant after taste (this is more obvious on berry one). The berry one is too diluted to me, but the lemon is just perfect.

These are the items I tried so far, will update the remaining very soon!

If you would like to get your own Deguestabox, here is a unique 50% discount code that you can use when checkout "MPSML", so you can try their first box for £7.99 instead of £12.99.

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