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A Surprise Box of Snacks to Your Doorstep

I received my first Degustabox last week and it was an amazing feeling to have such lovely box of food in my mailbox! (this was the first time I tried subscription box)

This September box has 12 items, from waffle to chocolate pie to whiskey cider. I have never seen most of the items in supermarket and some tasted quite unique. I shared them with my family, so here is what we think.

Our Favourites


I have been using Good Hemp's products for over 2 years so I was thrilled when I see this familiar packaging in the box! It's definitely one of my favourite and best plant based ingredient for vegetarian (p,s, I am not a vegetarian)

The more you know about hemp, the more you will fall in love with this plant. It's one of the oldest and sustainable plant in the world. The seeds are packed full of omega 3 which is good for brain, skin and heart health, and boosting our immune system.



I didn't expect these little waffles are that sweet but I love them! They are perfect for when you craving for something sweet and they go very well with ice cream



This reminded my husband of him travelling to American years ago as it's one of the iconic snack over there and we have never seen this in UK supermarket (or I will have to look again next time!). The peanut butter goes so well with the chocolate! This little pie did surprised me. The amount of sweetness is just right and the peanut butter is very smooth.



This little cripsy balls are made with spelt flours, spelt is a accient whole grain. It's the first time I heard spelt, the spelt itself doesn't have a strong but the BBQ flavour is really addicting to me. They have a slightly hot kick but I can't say it's spicy. I quite like the rich and strong seasoning. And I particularly like their packaging and brand style as a designer.



Tomato and mozzarella are just perfect together. This snack is not only healthy but addicting to me! I would just keep pinching one everytime I go pass. The wholegrain biscuit base is very crunchy and the topping has quite a rich flavour. Just perfect for busy mum like me in the afternoon.



We always think Jack Daniels is one of the best whiskey manufacturer with a reasonable price. It's the first time we heard of them blending cider with their whiskey. Honestly, we are not quite impressed with the taste, as neither cider nor whiskey stood out and they don't work well together. It would be much better having them on their own. Though, there is a warm feeling in our throat after awhile which was quite nice.


I use UHT milk everyday on my breakfast for a long time and this a2 milk taste just like regular full fat milk. What so special about it was their milk contain a2 type of milk protein only, which most of the regular milk we have are a1 type of milk protein. A1 protein is the reason why triggering lactose intolerant in most people, so a2 would be a great alternative for them.

If you would like to get your own Deguestabox, here is a unique 50% discount code that you can use when checkout "MPSML", so you can try their first box for £7.99 instead of £12.99. Hurray!

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