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Raising Little Creators - Kids activity idea in lockdown!


Jefy Make Movie - an app that inspires children to turn their play time stories and favourite toys into animation.

Andy and daddy had a lot of fun making their first stop-go animation with Lego, using Jefy Make Movie App. From planning the scenery, creating the stage, setting up the camera on a tripod, moving the characters step by step to seeing the final outcome, it's truly rewarding to Andy! He has been watching again and again his first little animation and was so proud of himself!

More importantly, letting them be as creative as can be through this activity, and they are involved in every stage. It's something you can do with your little ones with anything at home, can be any dolls, food, even making magic through stop motion!

See the animation they made!

This Jefy Make Movie app we used to create the animation is very easy to use and kids friendly! The app is designed specially for kids. The layout is clear and straightforward. With colourful buttons that could let parents guide them by telling the colours easily, like Red big button for taking photos, green for playback, purple for home...

All videos are saved within the app automatically. There is a parents zone that you have to do maths to log in, where you can generate, share and delete videos they took in there. So parents can feel safe leaving the phone with the children to capture the animation themselves.

This could give them a rough idea of how those cartoons/ animation on TV is made so they can separate the fiction from the real world.

About Jefy is a Singapore based startup, the founder, Sneha, whose mission is to ignite the “creator” mindset in every child across the world so they don’t just remain consumers of  modern day content. Hence she created "Jefy" a character that represents the values and Jefy Make Movie App (download on App Store or Google Play). 

Try it with your little ones this weekend!

Jefy Make Movie App Download links:

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