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[FREE DOWNLOAD] A Letter From Santa Claus + Stamped Envelope

Merry Christmas everyone! Its that time of year again, and I have a gift to share with all of you. A letter from Santa Claus himself! Okay, so I saw many online stores selling these types of letters and some charge quite a lot of money and well to be honest I don't like that, I feel that it really spoils the meaning of Christmas and so I made one myself (Benefit of being a professional graphics designer).

The letter itself! I have worded the letter so that while easy to read it isn't patronisingly so. It reads as if it came from an older person talking softly, to you not at you, making it suitable for young and older children alike. I left the name section blank, leaving you to either write the name by hand or type it yourself ( I also created a guide on how to download/install a new font). The letter is double sided with text on the front and a faint pattern on the back, suitable to be printed on any standard printer, You just need to turn the paper over once one side is printed and print.

(The download button is on the top right hand corner)

The Envelope! I also created a stamped envelope that is easily printed out, there is a light grey outline to help guide you whilst cutting it out, simply cut and glue/tape the sides down.

(The download button is on the top right hand corner)

And thats really all there is too it! I hope you all like it and I hope it brings a smile to little faces all around the world. Wishing you all a happy new year! Nina & Andy

(The download button is on the top right hand corner)

Credit: Mock up background images from Freepik image1 image2

Letter back side graphics from Freepik link


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